Ocean Isle Beach from above

Editors note: The photos and videos in this blogpost were not shot with a professional grade drone. A cheaper drone was used since it was not for a professional client and was considered high risk.

I spent last week in Ocean Isle Beach with my family. It wasn’t the first time we had spent a week in the Brunswick County coastal town, but it was the first time I was there with a drone.

Of course I brought the drone (you know, the cheaper one in case it crashed into the ocean)!

We stayed on the canals at Ocean Isle, which leads into the intercoastal waterway. It was a short golf cart ride from the beach (or about a 5 minute walk if you go by foot). If you’ve never been to Ocean Isle, it is a south-facing beach, and the wind was coming out of the south all week. Wind and drones don’t go well together, and at the beach, there is little to stop the wind from blowing. Because of the wind, I wasn’t able to take the drone out over the ocean and on the beach, but I did get some cool shots from the canals and intercoastal waterway.

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