Carolina Digital Media Solutions prides itself on providing professional, quality services to its clients. We offer a wide range of services to different types of clients. If you have a specific idea for your company, organization or group, contact us and let us come up with a solution for you. All of our estimates are always free.

CDMS provides video and photography services from the ground and air using our FAA certified drones and pilots. We create videos and produce professional digital photos for our clients to use on their websites, social media and other platforms.

Commercial Businesses

CDMS provides numerous services to commercial businesses when it comes to their digital media needs. Our services allow businesses to better market themselves through the use of high-quality video and photos. From drone footage, to ground footage, GoPros and still images, we can provide customer or patient testimonials, video of events, record interviews, provide promotional photos and videos from the sky, produce podcasts, produce social media content and much more. We can deliver the raw footage to you, or we will edit the video and deliver a final product. We’ll even adjust how we edit depending on the platforms you plan to use it on. For example, if you want a video that will fit on Instagram, we’ll make it 60 seconds or less. If you have specific needs for your business, we are happy to discuss your ideas and options and find out how we can help you. All estimates are free.

Real Estate

Research shows that high-quality photos and videos move houses quicker. We can provide real estate agents and their clients both! From aerial photos and videos using our drone, to interior video using our handheld gimbal and cameras, to still images, we have you covered. We can even edit together videos that include still images inside them, and we’ll be sure to ask you what features of the house or property you want us to highlight. Simply giving you photos and videos is only part of what we can do though. You hire a real estate agent to sell a house, right? We’ll mic up the agent and follow them around the house, letting them virtually “show” the house to possible clients watching from their computer or phone. Prices depend on the size of the house and the complexity of the services you want, but they will be competitive with any other company you will find. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Non-Profits, Church & School Groups

Non-profit organizations need marketing materials too and we have discounted prices for qualifying non-profit organizations, school groups and church groups. Whether you want video or images to promote your organization, testimonial videos, interviews with people your non-profit has benefited, or coverage of an event, we have services that can help you reach your goals. Contact us today to discuss your needs and options and we’ll give you a free estimate.


We realize that sometimes individual people may have needs for digital media services. Our video and photo equipment works for those needs too. If you want us to cover an event for you, provide aerial coverage of a location or landscape, or provide another service, contact us and let us help. We will give individuals free estimates too.

Other Needs

If you have another need for digital media services, or if you have questions about a service that is not listed here, contact us and let us see how we can assist. There are many different applications for drone photography and videography, and our ability to combine that service with more traditional digital media services makes our company unique. As always, estimates are free.